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Wide Angel View Convex Rearview Mirror

Wide Angel View Convex Rearview Mirror

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Wide Angle View Convex Rear View Mirror
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The Wide Angle View Convex Rearview Mirror gives you a wider angle than your usual rear view mirror elimination blind spots so you can drive more safely. This wide rearview mirror allows you to see vehicles behind you more clearly along with the ability to monitor your children in the back seat.

Made of high quality and high definition anti-glare glass providing you with clear visibility. The curved design allows for a wider view. Easy to install, simply attach to your existing mirror. Adjust the angle of the mirror as needed. Universal size fits most cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. 12" x 2.9"

wide angel view rear view mirror

Wide Angel View Convex Rear View Mirror Features:
  • Wider than typical rear view mirror
  • Curved convex mirror provides wider view of what's behind
  • Eliminates blind spots
  • Easy install- attaches to existing mirror, no glue needed
  • Universal size fits most vehicles
  • 12" x 2.9"
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