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UFO Drone For Kids Hand Controlled

UFO Drone For Kids Hand Controlled

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UFO Drone For Kids Hand Controlled
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UFO Drone for Kids Hand Controlled uses advanced LED infrared sensor hover technology, induction suspension and collision protection. Built-in gyroscopes control accuracy and sensitivity for balance. You just need to gently throw the UFO Mini Drone into the air and it can start flying right away.

With 360° rotation and LED light this UFO Drone is super cool to watch fly!

The most amazing feature of the flying object is that when your hand is close to it, it can fly in the opposite direction. You can control your hands in the air and implement interactive games, cool and super fun!

UFO Drone For Kids is made of high quality non-toxic PP material, very flexible, strong impact resistance, durable, and resistant to damage when falling. When a solid object is detected, the UFO Drone will move away intelligently.

UFO Drone For Kids Hand Controlled Features & Benefits:
  • Side sensing sensors are installed around the aircraft to control the steering flight

  • Flexible barrier using the original package ABS material, strong and durable

  • High-grade appearance UV spraying process, strong texture, no paint

  • Built-in LED bright lights, blooming in the night sky, increasing the fun of night flight
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