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Ruby Space Triangles 18 Pack

Ruby Space Triangles 18 Pack

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Ruby Space Triangles
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Ruby Space Triangles are the hanger hook system that allows you to create up to 3 times more closet space! Vertically cascade hangers and link 6 or more clothes. Ruby Space Triangles are easy to use, simply slide a Ruby Space Triangle over your hanger and start cascading your additional hangers and hanger hooks. Daisy chain 6 more articles of clothing vertically.

One package includes 18 cascading clothes hangers Ruby Space Sliders so you can transform your closet from cluttered to organized! Each Ruby Space Triangle fits on any plastic, wood, wire or velvet coat hanger. Now your clothes will stay organized and you will have more space for storage of other items.

Ruby Space Triangles Features:
  • Increase your closet space
  • Keeps clothes organized and wrinkle free
  • Ideal for small closets, apartments, dorms, downsizing, and more
  • Great for seasonal storage
  • Easy slide on design
  • Includes 18 per box
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