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Ruby Sliders 8 Piece Set

Ruby Sliders 8 Piece Set

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Ruby Sliders 8 Piece Set
As Seen on TV

Ruby Sliders As Seen on TV, can be easily stretched to fit any stool, table leg or chair. Ruby Sliders protect your floors and stops that squeaky noise.

With Ruby Sliders, you can safely slide your furniture- effortlessly and scratch-free!

The clear sleeves make Ruby Sliders blend in with any decor. Ruby Sliders feature a flexible design that can easily be stretched to fit virtually any stool, table leg or chair- thick, thin, square or round. It protects floors and stops noise. You can slide your furniture effortlessly and scratch-free. The clear sleeve fits in with any decor.

Includes 8 Ruby Sliders per set.

Ruby Sliders Set of 8 Features:
  • Slips on furniture feet easily, fits virtually any shape
  • Durable cushioned pad does not scratch floors
  • Protects floors
  • Makes sliding furniture on floors easy
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