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Ruby Holding Hands Magnetic Ties

Ruby Holding Hands Magnetic Ties

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Ruby Holding Hands Magnetic Ties
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Ruby Holding Hands Magnetic Ties are the reusable silicone zip ties with powerful magetic hands to tie and hold all the wires, cables, and cords in your home. No more messy, cluttered cables all over the place. With Ruby Holding Hands Magnetic Ties you can keep all your cords neatly wrapped and held tight.

Ruby Holding Hands are super easy to use- simply wrap and clap! Perfect for tidying up the TV cables, wrapping phone chargers, headphones cables, laptop and iPad cables and more. Organize your cluttered drawers, office supplies, tool box and garage with Ruby Holding Hands- these magnetic ties keep everything tidy and easy to find. You can even hang kitchen utensils on your fridge for easy access. So many possibilities!

Ruby Holding Hands helps you keep things organized while saving you money- no more buying one time use zip times when you can buy these reusable silicone ties! If you need more length you can connect multiple Ruby Holding Hands together to suit your needs. Includes 8 per package.

Ruby Holding Hands Features:

  • Reusable silicone zip ties
  • Keeps cables, wires, cords neatly wrapped
  • Helps keep drawers organized and tidy
  • Perfect for TV and computer cables, phone chargers, etc
  • Easy to use- simply wrap and clap
  • Includes 8 per package
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