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Red Dog Socket Tool

Red Dog Socket Tool

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Red Dog Socket Tool
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Red Socket Universal Socket Tool is the amazing new tool that fits, grips, and tightens most fasteners. No more wondering what size tool you need or hunting around for that specific sized tool. Use Red Dog Socket on nuts, bolts, and screws of all different shapes and sizes.

Red Dog grabs on tight and locks into place fast. With the specially designed steel pins that mold around almost any object, Red Dog Socket replaces hundreds of different tools and is smaller than a battery.

Handles odd jobs like a pro, goes from large fasteners to small. Easy to use and makes your life easier without the clutter of so many different tools.

Red Dog Socket Set Features & Benefits:

  • Always have the right size tool
  • Steel rods can retract and form to almost any shape
  • Size of a battery
  • One socket does it all
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