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Magical Car Ice Scraper

Magical Car Ice Scraper

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Magical Car Ice Scraper
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The Magical Car Ice Scraper is a newly designed ice scraper and snow remover that is cone-shaped, so you can simply move it in any direction or in circles to remove more snow from your car at a time. The Magical Car Ice Scraper will clear ice and snow from your car windows twice as fast as traditional scrapers using its large 18 inch scraping surface. Plus, its unique shape makes it extra comfortable to grasp and use.

One side of the ice scraper is extra wide to cover a greater area for scraping ice and for snow removal from your car. The end of the ice scraper has mini spikes that protrude from it, so if there is a large build-up of ice on your car windows, you can tap the end of the scraper on the ice, and it will easily break away.

Not only is the Magical Car Ice Scraper one of the best snow scrapers out there, it also works as a funnel to easily add washer fluid to your car without spilling it all over the place. Just remove the tip of the snow scraper and it instantly turns into a funnel. Two great items all in one!

Magical Car Ice Scraper Features & Benefits:

  • Scrapes frost & ice with ease... no more running the car for 20 minutes
  • Cone-shaped - allows you to move the wiper in any direction
  • Will not damage glass - no scratching or breaking even with sticky frost
  • Practical - you can also use alternatively as a liquid funnel
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