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Fur Lint Magic Wizard

Fur Lint Magic Wizard

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Fur Lint Magic Wizard - Self Cleaning
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Fur Lint Magic Wizard picks up lint, pet hair, dust and more and cleans itself with the self cleaning base! Simply dip to clean and reuse over and over again. No refills or tape to worry about with the Fur Lint Magic Wizard!

Fur Lint Magic Wizard is double sided and XLG so it picks up more than single sided lint tools.

Perfect for clothes, carpets, couches, car seats, and more.

Fur Lint Magic Wizard Features and Benefit:
  • Picks up lint, pet hair, dust and more
  • Self cleaning base
  • Double sided and XLG to pick up more
  • Reusable
  • No more tape or refills
  • Great for furniture, car seats, clothes and more
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