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Electric Blackhead Suction Vacuum

Electric Blackhead Suction Vacuum

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Electric Derma Blackhead Suction Vacuum

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Remove those unsightly blackheads and unclog pores without squeezing and scarring your skin. The secret to blackhead removal is the new powerful yet gentle Electric Derma Blackhead Suction Vacuum.

Use this blackhead vacuum anywhere on your face or body and watch as it extracts all of the dirt and grime from your skin. This derma blackhead suction tool leaves your skin feeling clean and youthful.

electric derma blackhead suction

Electric Derma Blackhead Suction Vacuum Features & Benefits:
  • Includes: 1-pore cleanser, 4- tips, 1-charging cable (WITHOUT adapter)
  • LED Display
  • Power Supply DC 5V - USB Charging
  • Built in 850 mAh rechargeable lithium battery
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