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Eggstractor - As Seen on TV

Eggstractor - As Seen on TV

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Eggstractor Egg Peeler
As Seen on TV

You love hard boiled eggs but peeling them is such a pain and takes forever. Now you can peel hard boiled eggs instantly with the easy egg peeler Eggstractor, as seen on TV.

Simply tap the top of the egg, place vertically over the specially designed Eggstracting hole, cover with the peeling billow, and press down. Your perfectly de-shelled egg pops out!

Eggstractor allows you to make delicious meals and snacks with hard boiled eggs in less time. Super fun for the kids to get involved.

Includes 1 Eggstractor and recipe guide.

EggStractor Features:
  • quick and easy to use
  • peels hard boiled eggs in just seconds
  • makes adding protein to your meals easy
  • easy and fun for kids to use
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