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Dump Dinners Cookbook - As Seen on TV

Dump Dinners Cookbook - As Seen on TV

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Cathy Mitchell's Dump Dinners Cookbook
As Seen on TV

If you're like most people you never seem to have time to make a homemade dinner after a long day at work. Now you can make "from scratch" dinners in just minutes with Cathy Mitchell's Dump Dinners Cookbook, as seen on TV.

The Dump Dinners recipes allow you to create delicious meals in no time. From meatloaf to pasta, ravioli lasagna, chili, mac n cheese, mashed potatoes, tacos- you get over 250 super easy dump recipes in Dump Dinners Cookbook.

From the author of Dump Cakes, Cathy Mitchell wants to make your life easier with Dump Dinners Cookbook.

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