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Cathy Mitchell's Dump Cakes Book - As Seen on TV

Cathy Mitchell's Dump Cakes Book - As Seen on TV

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Dump Cakes Book by Cathy Mitchell

Make Quick & Easy Homemade Desserts In Minutes!

Cathy Mitchell is back with the As Seen on TV Dump Cakes recipe book. With this amazing book featuring over 250 delicious recipes, Cathy teaches you how to make easy desserts in two simple steps - just dump and bake! Typical made from scratch homemade desserts take a lot of time and require lots of clean up. Dump Cakes shortens the prep and clean up time so you have fresh, homemade goodies super quick and easy

With Dump Cakes, the instructions are easy to follow so there are no mistakes to be made, just pour in the ingredients and bake. From skillet 'mores to sticky buns or pies and cakes, you'll get 5 star desserts in no time. No measuring and no mess. Dump Cakes Recipe Book is perfect for a busy household and last minute occasions.

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