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Carwash Cannon

Carwash Cannon

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Carwash Cannon Foam Blasting Car Wash System
As Seen on TV

Carwash Cannon makes cleaning your car super easy! Simply attach to virtually any garden hose, add liquid car wash soap and spray the thick snow cleansing foam onto your car. When ready to rinse clean switch to rinse setting and wash away the soap to reveal your clean car!

Carwash Cannon works by infusing air into the soap and water to create the thick foaming soap. The thick foam lifts dirt and dust from surfaces without leaving any residue behind once rinsing.

Carwash Cannon is perfect for your car, truck, boat, RV, ATV, motorcyle and more!

carwash cannon

Carwash Cannon Features & Benefits:
  • Attaches to virtually any garden hose
  • Creates thick foamy soap
  • Easily lifts dirt and dust away
  • Includes Deluxe N Ozzle- 5 spray settings
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