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Brow Stamp Kit 10 Stencils

Brow Stamp Kit 10 Stencils

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Brow Stamp Kit with 10 Stencils

The Brow Stamp Kit is the one step pencil kit with 10 different stencils and 1 eye brow stamp to give you beautiful brows in no time. Perfectly shape your eyebrows using any of the 10 included stencils. The soft mushroom head designed brush allows you to apply color evenly and quickly. The vegan powder is long-lasting and waterproof. With the Brow Stamp Kit you get natural, perfectly shaped brows in seconds!

Brow Stamp Kit isn't just for eyebrows, also great to use for your hairline or as an eyeshadow.

Simple and easy to use- untwist your brow stamp, align your chosen stencil, stamp your brow. That's it!

Each Kit Includes:

1 Brow Stamp

10 Brow Stencils

Brow Stamp Kit Features and Benefits:

  • Easy to apply
  • Natural, beautiful brows in seconds
  • Vegan powder
  • Water-proof, long lasting
  • Includes 1 brow stamp and 10 stencils
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