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Blue Cushion Seat Sitter

Blue Cushion Seat Sitter

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Blue Cushion Seat Sitter
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The Blue Egg Cushion Seat Sitter provides the support your body needs - no more achy muscles or stiff back caused from sitting. With the honey comb design the Blue Cushion Seat Sitter is made of ultra flex polymer and stays cool to the touch.

The Blue Egg Cushion Seat Sitter is so supportive! It provides optimal lumbar support and absorbs pressure points to help with lower back pain. 
Supports the spine for comfortable sitting and is perfect for the office, home, car, and more!

egg seat cushion sitter

Blue Egg Seat Cushion Sitter Features & Benefits:

  • Stays Cool to the Touch
  • Retains Shape
  • Provides Optimal Lumbar Support
  • Absorbs Pressure Points
  • Fits Most Chairs
  • 15.5x14x1.5"
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