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Battle Vision Storm Glasses 2 Pack

Battle Vision Storm Glasses 2 Pack

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Battle Vision StormGlasses
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Battle Vision Storm Glasses take the stress and anxiety out of driving during bad weather. No more harsh glare from headlights and streetlights. These anti-glare HD glasses enhance your vision during rain, sleet, snow or fog.

Battle Vision Storm glasses are not just for use during bad weather. Wear them during clear nights and get the same glare blocking, vision enhancing benefits. With Battle Vision Storm your eyes will be protected from blinding headlight glare while enhancing your vision. These glasses are also perfect to reduce glare from the water while our on the boat! Also provide UVA and Blue Ray protection.

Part of the Atomic Beam family, Battle Vision Storm Glasses are tough, featuring a memory reinforced frame with unparalleled flexibility. They can bend and twist and then snap right back to their original shape.

Includes a set of 2 Battle Vision Storm Glasses.

Battle Vision Storm Glasses Features & Benefits:
  • Blocks bright lights, reduces glare
  • Perfect during rain, snow or fog, out on the boat
  • Flexible, memory reinforced frame
  • One Size Fits All
  • Includes set of 2
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