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Cup Call Crane - As Seen on TV

Cup Call Crane - As Seen on TV

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Cup Call Crane Phone Mount
As Seen on TV

Cup Call Crane is the car cupholder phone mount that's adjustable with an ultra-long adjustable arm that can raise your phone up over one foot higher making it easier for you to see and safer to drive. The adjustable extension arm cranes up or down as well as rotating 360 degrees so you can find the perfect height and angle for viewing.

Cup Call Crane fits any size phone- small flip phones to huge smartphones up to 3.5" wide. Fits in most cup holders with the adjustable and expandable base. Perfect for trips in the car, truck, boat, RVs, golf carts, where ever you go with a cup holder. Allows for hands free calling, making use of GPS and other navigation apps, etc.

Cup Call Crane Phone Mount Features & Benefits:

  • Simple to install- expandable base to fit most cup holders
  • Adjustable arm raises over 1 foot, turns 360 degrees
  • Universal cell phone holder fits small and large phones
  • Secure grip
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